Election 2015: Manufacturing our Future

Published on September 15, 2015

With the federal election scheduled for October 19, 2015, the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition has made it clear to the political leaders of all major parties in Canada that for the sake of the economy, there must be a manufacturing strategy to ensure Canada's future prosperity.

Now, more than ever, Canada’s prospects for economic growth depend on the competitiveness of our manufacturing and exporting sector — on our ability to produce the high-value, high‑quality and competitively priced goods, along with supporting services and technologies that customers want to buy across Canada and around the world.

Following the election it is important that the government be able to articulate and deliver on a long-term growth strategy for manufacturing. The goal should be to double manufacturing production over the next fifteen years. That would create more than two million jobs in manufacturing and supporting businesses.

Below is a report of our manufacturing priorities each political party will implement if elected on October 19th.

Investment Priorities Conservative Party of Canada Liberal Party of Canada New Democratic Party
Reduce the Corporate Income Tax rate   √*
Expand the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance (ACCA) for manufacturing businesses that want to invest in new equipment  
Reduce unnecessary regulatory compliance costs for interprovincial trade and on our borders with our main trading partner, the United States    
Create a single-window, investment attraction agency to promote Canada as a destination for business investment    √
Innovation Priorities      
Re-institute a tax credit for investments in capital equipment used for research and development    
Partner with industry, academic and research institutions and other levels of government to create an advanced manufacturing hub that could connect small and mid-sized manufacturers to the technological, advisory and financial resources that would assist them in adopting advanced technologies    
Share some of the financial risk of technology commercialization by introducing a technology demonstration fund available to all manufacturers      
Create a self-sustaining national manufacturing investment and innovation fund to provide consistent support for investments in new technologies, production scale-up and process improvements by manufacturers across the country  √ √   
Simplify and streamline application and approval processes for direct funding programs and ensure that long-term loans are not taxed back      
Leverage public procurement to encourage the development, demonstration and commercialization of new technologies manufactured in Canada      
Skills Priorities      
Continue to support joint post-secondary education programs with industry      
Increase financial support for apprenticeships and employer training     √  
Support initiatives to develop skills and promote career opportunities in manufacturing, technology and trades to Canada’s youth, including our aboriginal communities    
Ensure expedited entry for immigrants whose technical and practical skills cannot be found in Canada  √   
Business Opportunity Priorities       
Ratify our Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union    √   
Implement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations  √   √   
Work to remove unnecessary regulatory obstacles to the movement of goods and people across provincial boundaries and across our border with the United States      
Insist on open and reciprocal access to federally funded procurement projects in Canada      
Support critical transportation, energy and information infrastructure, including the infrastructure required to transport our energy, resources and manufactured goods to market      

 *NDP have stated they will reduce corporate taxes for small businesses.


What the parties say they'll do for manufacturing

 Conservative Party of Canada

Liberal Party of Canada

New Democratic Party of Canada

Manufacturing Technology Demo Fund $750 million in skills funding Aerospace advanced manufacturing fund
Advanced Manufacturing Hub  $900 million in innovation funding Innovation tax credit


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